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Zosima + Lynch + String Theory on Love

What do The Brothers KaramazovDavid Lynch, and string theory have in common? The idea that we're all connected, and that how we feel and act literally reverberates and touches everyone and everything.

While it sounds hippy dippy, I think there's a reason that most major world religions, philosophy, and science throughout history have touched on this idea of connectedness and interdependency. Maybe in 2017 we all need to remember how much we're in this together.

Let your light that God gave you shine, because we all need it.

Words of the Day: Fall 2017 Edition!

In my line of work, my busy season is January - May, every other year. During that five month period, my average work week is 65 hours long. Long hours and high stress do not lead to healthy habits. They lead to bad things. The comfort food, happy hours, and sleep deprivation lead to a lot of "off-road miles" on my body. The wear and tear is noticeable.

Whether we (all of us is "we") are working long hours or not, we can always find a reason to be busy or stressed out. Life is hard. Life in the internet age is weird. We're too connected. Every day we absorb more information than our brains know what to do with. Maybe in a few hundred years our bodies will have adapted to the internet. It hasn't happened yet. I don't think physiologically or socially we know what to do with 2017.
After I got out of my busy season this year and saw the damage that I had done to myself, both physically and otherwise, I decided to renew my dedication to wellness. I'm c…

Welcome to the Tarantula Lounge

A couple of years ago, my wife and I bought a house with a finished garage. This was quite the development. I've always wanted to hang out in my garage! Dreams do come true!
Guided by the vision of my stylish wife, we put a giant tv (Thanks, Sam!), a classic 1980s sound system (Thanks, Uncle Eddie!), two coolers full of libations (Thanks, Garrick and Nate!), and various other sundries out in our new space. We opened the sliding door, had a get-together and dubbed the garage The Tarantula Lounge
The space is named in honor of Harry the Tarantula, the giant spider that was literally hanging out on the garage when we bought it. My friend Christie designed a sign to perfectly fit both me and the space. 

My garage is the place where I go to write, draw, play video games, watch loud movies, listen to music, and bask in the glory of realized dreams. I love it. That's why this website is called The Tarantula Lounge, and why my podcast is called The Tarantula Lounge. They…