Lessons Learned from Chess


  • You have to make sacrifices to win.
  • Protect your queen and she'll protect you.
  • Your tribe works best when each member is put in position to do what they do best.
  • Collaboration is more powerful than unilateral action.
  • Weaker individuals can work together to bring down more powerful ones.
  • All the ability in the world doesn't matter if you're in the wrong place.
  • Power is situational and dynamic.
  • Not every person is right for every task.
  • Your tribe works best when you actualize.
  • A situation cannot be fully grasped with only one perspective.
  • Consider the future implications of an action to make better decisions.
  • Understanding rules and boundaries provides creativity and freedom with the system.
  • There is joy in learning.
  • There is joy in playing.
  • Winning and losing can both be fun or frustrating.
  • Appreciate the abilities and limitations of others.
  • Expecting something other than what a person can contribute hurts everyone involved.
  • There are myriad ways of doing things, including winning and losing.
  • Someone else creates the structure and the rules of the game. Your freedom and individuality and power from how you choose to operate within the game.
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