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Book Review: James Bond in VARGR by Ellis

James Bond, Vol. 1: VARGRJames Bond, Vol. 1: VARGR by Warren Ellis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My local library allows us to roam the shelves in thirty-minute increments, in limited numbers. It was recently my turn. For the first time in over a year I was able to take my time browsing the graphic novel collections (we have one in the general fiction section and one for teens). To my surprise, the library had acquired several new-to-me selections. The first one I grade was James Bond in VARGR. I’m a Bond fan and also a fan of spy comics; some of my favorites being Velvet, the fantastic Dark Horse Star Wars Agent of the Empire series.

Ellis’ James Bond book is set in contemporary times, but Bond is still young(ish). However, he is something of a goofy and respected legend in the spy world. His colleagues make fun of his silly tiny gun, his smoking habits, and the general sauveness that doesn’t have much of a place in what is essentially a desk job these days. However, his very particular set of skills turns out to be needed when a bizarre illicit drug makes its way into London and starts doing weird stuff to those who taking it. Bond uncovers a wider and more sinister plot – one only he can stop. It’s a fun book with clean art!

P.S. Veteran Goodreaders may remember that I’ve read and reviewed all of Ian Fleming’s original Bond books, with my favorites being Casino Royale, Moonraker (notoriously hit or miss for fans); and maybe The Spy Who Loved Me and You Only Live Twice, depending on the day.) You can track down those reviews on this site.

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