12 July 2021

The Best of 2021: Part I

Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay


Here's a list of my favourites of 2021 thus far. These things didn't necessarily come out in 2021; this year is just the first time *I* discovered them.


  1. A Gentleman in Moscow
  2. The Three-Body Problem
  3. The Kingdom of God is Within You (Tolstoy)
  4. The Upanishads
  5. The Last Colony


  1. Master & Commander
  2. Stalker
  3. The Sound of Metal
  4. Too Late
  5. Amira & Sam

Honourable Mention: The Driftless Area, Citizen Kane


  1. Top Gear America
  2. Longmire
  3. New Girl
  4. Mare of Easttown
  5. The Delivery Man

Honourable Mention: Vikings


  1. Texas Water Safari
  2. Snow Days
  3. Solo Camping
  4. Getting vaxxed
  5. Texas River Marathon

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