Good Podcasts

These podcast episodes are particularly entertaining or useful. Some podcasts may contain profanity or adult content - those are clearly marked. Links may be to streams or video, but you can find the episodes by searching in your podcast application.

Moby - Bret Easton Ellis Podcast [R for language.]

Living Well
Digital Manners & Etiquette for the Modern Man - The Art of Manliness
Finally Getting Over Your "Self" with the Enneagram - The Typeology Podcast
How Philosophy Can Change Your Life (feat. Alain De Botton) - The Tim Ferriss Show
The Enneagram - That Sounds Fun Podcast
The Joy of Missing Out - The Art of Manliness
The Kaizen Method - The Art of Manliness
The KonMari Method of Home Organization (feat. Marie Kondo) - The Tim Ferriss Show
The Science of Cheating: How to Prevent and Deal with Infidelity - The Art of Manliness
The Table Comes First in France - Rick Steves Audio Europe

How to Wow in Relationships & Business - The Art of Manliness
Is there godly aspiration and ambition? - The Zigler Show

Compound Interest - Justin Gerhardt (Round Rock Church of Christ)
Do Not Store Up Treasures on Earth - Matt Carter (Austin Stone)
Don't Be Anxious - Aaron Ivey (Austin Stone)
My Big Fat Mouth: Complaining - Craig Groeschel (Life Church)
My Big Fat Mouth: Criticizing - Craig Groeschel (Life Church)
The Vow, Part 2: The Vow of Pursuit - Craig Groeschel (Life Church)

11 Healthy Eating Habits of the Super Fit - The Chalene Show
Stay Lean While Dining Out | Keep Your Social Life - The Chalene Show
Stop Overeating | How to Gain Control Over Your Impule to Overindulge - The Chalene Show
What to Do in the Event of an Over Eating Emergency - The Chalene Show
What You Eat and Why You've Been Programmed to Eat It - The Truth Barrel [R for language.]

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